Smart field service solutions for Smart Cities

No matter how smart cities get…they are going to need experienced experts to fix things right and ensure safety and reliability. We are that partner for your needs. We are “the boots on ground” for cities, agencies, and technology companies focused on ITS, connected vehicles, smart cities, and IoT. We provide customized feasibility, installation, and ongoing maintenance solutions.

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Our services include:

  • Feasibility field support and design assistance

  • Permitting and contracting with agencies for projects

  • Electrical and Technology installation and implementation

  • Ongoing maintenance program management

Markets served:

  • Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

  • License Plate Reader technologies

  • Multi-Mobility and Smart Parking Solutions

  • Advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Regional Water Districts

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Proud partner of Prospect SV, a nonprofit hub innovating mobility and energy solutions.